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Molpehällorna island is located outside Molpe village in Korsnäs municipality. Several other reefs and islands can be found around Molpehällorna, such as Molpegrunden, a rocky island with juniper heath and small groves of trees. South of Molpehällorna and close to the mainland is Halsön, a large forested island with many valuable pools and tidepools. The old coast guard station on Molpehällorna has been converted into a nature station.

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Molpehällorna - Korsnäs archipelago

As its name suggests in Swedish, the over two-kilometre long island Molpehällorna was once four separate islets, which the land uplift caused to merge into a single island. Molpehällorna offers a variety of landscapes. The northern part of the island is a rugged and rocky juniper heath. Juniper shrubs are also found elsewhere on the flat rocks. In the central and southern portions there are groves of trees, reed-covered marsh, heaths and small inlets. A large tidepool separates the northern and central portions of the island. Rocky beaches surround the flat rocks, occasionally interrupted by shoreline meadows and cliffs.

The former coast guard station is located on the southern portion of the island at Söderhällorna. Metsähallitus and Korsnäs municipality have renovated the station. It can accommoded 20 to 30 people and has a kitchen and sauna. Metsähallitus rents the station to guided groups (contact information below).

In the summer of 2001 a nature path was opened on Molpehällorna. It starts and ends at the station and crosses the island to the cliffs on the western beach. One path turns to the north towards the memorial site of the Gulf of Bothnia's first beacon, which according to sources was built in 1668. It was a "vippbåk" - a beacon with a rocker arm - between 10 and 12 metres tall, and manned until 1681. A local tale says that the lighthouse-keeper Jakob Rautio, who lived on Molpehällorna from 1790 until 1808, was killed by the Russians who then also burned the beacon.

Photo: Timo Hissa
Photo: Lise-Lotte Molander
Photo: ÖFPL/Göran Strömfors
Smooth rocks along the western beach
There is a proper boat house at the harbour
Photo: ÖFPL/Göran Strömfors
Photo: ÖFPL/Göran Strömfors
This replica of the beacon with rocker arm is 10 metres tall. It was built in 2001.
Signs along the nature trail tell about the animals and the island's nature

How do I get there

It is about seven kilometres from the harbour in Bredskär to Molpehällorna. It is easy to go by boat to Molpehällorna along the channel and the harbour on Molpehällorna is good.


Guest harbours can be found at Bergö northeast of the ferry dock, at northern and southern Bredskär, and at Strandmölle in Molpe.


The nature station can be reserved through Metsähallitus Terranova tel. no. 0205 64 5281


Several companies provide transport to Molpehällorna, see under Boat Ride and Nature Guides.


Korsnäs municipality
Molpe nature station (in Swedish)

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