Nature stations

Nature stations are only found in Finland at this time. Metsähallitus manages government land acquired for conservation purposes and the buildings found in these areas. The old pilot and coast guard stations, which are no longer in use, now have a new mission as nature stations where visitors can attend courses and take guided tours to become acquainted with the nature and culture of the archipelago. Metsähallitus has entered into agreements with various partners, including tourism entrepreneurs, for the right to use the stations.


Kummelskär is one of the outermost islets in the Mickelsörarna islands. It is located 15 kilometres from Stråkaviken and 25 kilometres from Köklot fishing port. The coast guard station on Kummelskär was thoroughly renovated and enlarged in 1987. After the station was closed in 1993 it was converted into a nature station.

The nature station has 20 beds in double (two-person) rooms. A maximum of about 30 people can spend the night. The station also offers meeting facilities. Visitors can enjoy the café, nature exhibition and lookout tower when the station is open. Other services include a sauna and shower. Reservations should be made for accommodation and sauna.

A barbecue grill and waste station are located on the grounds. The Kummelskär harbour is 1-4 metres deep.

Kummelskär also has a nature trail along which visitors can learn about the remains of fishing villages in a remote archipelago environment, with a wealth of animal and plant life.

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Contact information: Metsähallitus Terranova tel. no. 0205 64 5281.


Rönnskär Nature Station is located in the former pilot station on Fäliskär island in the outer skerries at Malax. Fäliskär is 30 kilometres from Vasa by sea. Since ownership of the island and all of the buildings was transferred to Metsähallitus in 1997 the pilot station was renovated both inside and out. It has beds for ten people. The old shipyard building on the beach has also been renovated and offers bunks for eight people, a sauna, as well as meeting and exhibition facilities. The facilities on Fäliskär can be rented for various types of guided activities.

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Contact information: Metsähallitus Terranova tel. no. 0205 64 5281.


The former coast guard station on Molpehällorna has been renovated by Metsähallitus and Korsnäs municipality and now serves as a nature station. The station offers accommodation for 20 people, but a maximum of 30 people can spend the night there. The station facilities are adapted for people with disabilities. At this time no entrepreneur is involved with the station, but guided groups can rent the facilities from Metsähallitus.

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Contact information: Metsähallitus Terranova tel. no. 0205 64 5281.


Gåshällan is located in Närpes' outer skerries, 8 kilometres from the closest port. Gåshällan is a mostly open and barren small islet, with wonderful rocky beaches facing the open seat.

The former coast guard station now serves as a nature station and centre for various activities related to life and culture in the archipelago. The station offers accommodations for 10 to 20 people in a shared facility. A sauna is available and food can be ordered. Svenska Österbottens Folkakademi arranges excursions to Gåshällan during the summer by appointment.

The former pilot station on the other side of the island offers facilities for boaters: a dock, barbecue and sauna.

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Contact information: Svenska Österbottens Folkakademi, Yttermark, (06) 280 6600.


Mässkär is located in the archipelago outside Jakobstad, about three kilometres from the nearest port on the mainland. The island was, and still is, an important landmark thanks to its beacon. This route was once the channel in to Jakobstad. Nowadays only small craft use it, while large vessels follow a different channel. Visitors to Mässkär should keep to the part of the island where the marina and the beacon are located as this is a government-owned area, open to the general public. The rest of the island is a summer cottage area.

The nature station, located in the renovated former pilot station on the island, offers accommodation for 30 people in 3 and 4-person rooms. A café serves meals and there are meeting facilities for 50 people. Station amenities also include a spacious sauna and recreation room with a fireplace.

The harbour has a dock for guests and the water is 4 metres deep. Marina services include refuse tip, sheltered barbecue, outhouse, fresh water, shower and sauna. The nature station is staffed from 28 May until 31 August.

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Contact information: Mässkär pilot station, Anders Boström, (06) 723 1940, Mässkär direct, (06) 729 4092.

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