Hiking trail in Strömbäck-Kont
The Strömbäck-Kont nature reserve has an approximately 4-kilometre long hiking trail between the village of Strömbäck and the cliffs at Kont. Read more in the section about Strömbäck-Kont.

Hiking trails on Holmöarna
A short trail leads to Trappudden on the northern tip of Holmön island. On Ängesön island there is an old trail on the west side, and a newer one that follows the east side with a couple of picnic areas. Read more about these trails in the section about Holmöarna.

Hiking trails on Kronören
Kronören nature reserve has an approximately 6-kilometre long hiking trail on the west side of Kronören peninsula, starting at the parking area just south of Kronörengården. There is a short nature trail at the tip of Långroudden. Signs with information about the local nature and culture line both paths.

Outdoor life in Umeå municipality http://www.umea.se/omkommunen/inenglish.4.bbd1b101a585d704800067778.html


Västerö hiking trails
The Västerö hiking trail in Maxmo wanders through diverse archipelago nature with historical features and a view of the open sea. You can choose from a number of trails. Find more information and maps (in Swedish): http://www.multi.fi/~klemets/vandringsleder/

Björkö-Panike hiking trail
The 12-kilometre Björkö-Panike hiking trail features many types of nature from lush forest meadows to barren beaches. The trail is partially on the Björkö mainland and partially on islands. The mainland portion is 4 kilometres one way. Travel between the mainland and the islands is by boat. There is also a shorter trail starting and ending at Svedjehamn, "Bodvattnet runt". More information is available at Svedjehamn. Read more (in Swedish) at: http://www.korsholm.fi/document.aspx?docID=877

Nature trail at Molpehällorna
Molpehällorna has a nature trail with signs starting at the nature station. The trail goes past inlets and marshes, through deciduous forest and out to the cliffs on the western shore. A path also leads to the site of the Gulf of Bothnia's first beacon.

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